Tax and finance leaders weigh in on their 5-year aspirations: new report

Driven by changing regulations, increasing data demands, and evolving customer expectations, many tax compliance and finance leaders are joining the digital revolution.  

In fact, most decision makers (84%) will increase their spending on tax technology by 10% or more in the next 12 months, says Thomson Reuters research.  

Digital maturity in tax and finance functions  

Digital Agendas: How Tax Compliance and Finance Leaders are Preparing for 2024 is a new, thought leadership report underscoring insights from 257 decision makers. It presents data from C-suite and other leaders based in Australia, India, Japan, MENA, and Southeast Asia. 

Drivers and barriers of digital adoption  

The report explores the factors that motivate tax compliance and finance leaders to invest in digital solutions. It analyses how leaders are balancing the costs and benefits of technology adoption, and how they measure the digital journey.  

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Expectations and benefits of digital transformation  

Moreover, our report examines the key considerations that tax and finance leaders put into their digital transformation strategies. The report also shows how decision makers are aligning strategic goals to customer needs.  

Ambitions for tech-enabled compliance 

Finally, our report peels back the layers of what success looks like in five years’ time. We share the experiences of tax and finance leaders who are driving a culture of innovation and collaboration or are settling for modest improvements.  

Download the report today  

Learn how your tax and finance peers are navigating the digital landscape. Access the report for insight on how technologies are achieving efficiency, accuracy, and value in tax compliance and statutory reporting. 

Did you miss Part One?   

This report is the second in a series of insights on digital transformation in tax and finance. If you missed the first, download it here: Macro Trends Driving Tech Adoption in Tax and Finance.  

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