Launch of Taxation of Property Transactions in New Zealand

The latest addition to the Thomson Reuters NZ tax commentary series was launched from the NZ Law Society in Wellington on 8th December 2016.

“Taxation of Property Transactions in New Zealand” by Wellington barrister and taxation specialist Pam Davidson is the third text* in the project begun in 2013 by Thomson Reuters in conjunction with Professor John Prebble and the late Judge Paul Barber to update its tax library with current expert analysis and commentary.

The Honorable Justice Susan Glazebrook (photo below) spoke at the event attended by approximately fifty distinguished guests.The Honorable Justice susan Glazebrook

While Justice Glazebrook spoke of being delighted to endorse the work represented in the new text because of its practical value to practitioners, she also took the opportunity to comment on the rule of law as it relates to tax. It was, she said, harder and harder to test through taking cases to court. The costs involved were, she said, prohibitive making it increasingly likely that only large organizations such as the IRD could participate in shaping our tax law. Justice in that respect, she said, was becoming elitist making those who interpreted and implemented the law increasingly dependent on the type of authoritative analysis provided by texts such as “Taxation of Property Transactions in New Zealand”.

Author Pam Davidson (left) with Christine Grice (right)

Amongst the other speakers were Christine Grice, Executive Director of the NZ Law Society and its Wellington Vice President, Nerissa Barber. Ms Grice took on the MC role for the event. Ms Barber took the opportunity to reflect on her late father, Judge Paul Barber’s contribution to the publication. The process, she said, of mentoring and monitoring Pam through writing of the text was deeply satisfying for him. He appreciated the clarity and practicality of Pam’s thinking and her ability to communicate that efficiently. Despite being gravely ill through the latter stages of the project, she said he welcomed receiving each chapter as it was finished. He went, she said, above and beyond. When the manuscript was returned to Pam his carefully considered hand written notes were attached.

L - R: Sir Grant Hammond, Ian McIntosh, Commercial Manager Product Development for Thomson Reuters NZ, Amy Farr, Thomson Reuters NZ Taxation Editor
L – R: Sir Grant Hammond, Ian McIntosh, Commercial Manager Product Development for Thomson Reuters NZ, Amy Farr, Thomson Reuters NZ Taxation Editor

Author Pam Davidson expressed her delight over the event. It was, she said, very special to see so many people brought together by her book. The fact that it sold well at the launch, and was continuing to do so pleased her!

For more information:

Taxation of Property Transactions in New Zealand - cover

“The Taxation of Property Transactions in New Zealand”


*The first book published was Craig Elliffe’s 2015 Northey Prize winner “International and Cross-Border Taxation in New Zealand”. Although not initially part of the project, its author was pleased to have his book included in the tax library update. This was followed by “GST in New Zealand”.

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