About Dr Sean Goltz – presenter New and Emerging Scholars Symposium 2017

Dr Sean Goltz is currently based at Waikato University School of Law where he lectures on cyber law, the role of technology in law, digital learning and artificial intelligence.


Sean earned his PhD at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Canada,  his LLB and LLM degrees with The University of Haifa and is licensed to practise in Israel and Canada.

He has been actively involved in developing digital applications to benefit legal practitioners, to protect minors from the harmful use of online technologies and to teach young adults/teenagers about their legal rights and obligations in an online world.

The most developed of the applications is www.global-regulation.com , a global law search engine with a database of 1,612,889 laws from 90 countries which translates its results into English.

For example the search tobacco smoking returns 2,434 results from 84 countries. The site also has a Penalty Search returning civil penalties across 90 countries, and another searchable database of world wide technical standards. Global Regulation, developed with assistance from multiple sources including industry giants, Microsoft, Google and Amazon, has recently been nominated as a finalist in the UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2017. It is used in many law schools including Harvard, Berkley and Oxford.

Sean’s research publications cover a broad spectrum including the use of artificial intelligence, the riots in Ferguson, USA, and children’s storytelling in a virtual world. Find out more.

Presentation at 2017 New and Emerging Scholars Symposium

The title of Sean’s presentation is:

“Ethical and Social Implications of Artificial Intelligence – Towards a Technical Standard”


Artificial Intelligence, the fourth industrial revolution, is upon us. While experts predict that it will reach maturity within 5-50 years, there is no doubt that it is already affecting many aspects of our life and will continue to do so in an exponential rate. These changes carry fundamental ethical and social implications that require regulatory attention. This presentation will lay the foundations for a technical standard on ethical Artificial Intelligence research and practice.

Ongoing Research Interests

Sean intends to be actively involved exploring the challenges of establishing an ethical framework around the increasingly sophisticated and diverse use of artificial intelligence in the digital world.


Email: sean.goltz@waikato.ac.nz

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