Webinar: Revamping Your Automated Workflow Strategy

Most firms and legal departments have a workflow strategy in place to increase productivity. This can involve the adoption of an agile project management environment and automating tasks with technologies.

But what if your automated workflow is not working as dynamically as it could be? Legal professionals using legacy automation technologies may be missing out on the business advantages provided by Contract Express, the document automation offering so much more than drafting contracts.

In this webinar, Michael Vassilieff, Head of Sales, Legal Software Solutions, Australia and New Zealand shares several ways legal departments and firms can shake things up this quarter.

Watch the full presentation to inform your workflow strategy today!

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Tips on transforming your strategy in line with modern practices

Michael has spoken with dozens of General Counsel and law firm practitioners over the years. Here, he provides tips on creating change in the legal workplace, to improve service delivery for clients:

Get buy-in from your stakeholders. Gathering support for funding can determine whether or not your automation strategy will be a success.

“If they don’t buy into the vision you are trying to create, it’s not going to get off the ground,” added Michael.

Develop a use case scenario. Ask yourself in which specific instances will this solution can improve processes for your legal team or firm. Take your use cases to your stakeholders. That way, your pitch is more likely to stick.

Be flexible and business-minded. Once you have implemented the use-case scenario with your automated technology (and it has been a success), it’s time to be more strategic with your processes. There may be other places where you can replicate these use-cases within your organisation that you previously hadn’t though of.

Embrace change. In some firms and organisations, there can be a view that keeping the status quo is a good thing. For example, perhaps your team is using an outdated software that is “good enough”. Consider conducting an audit of your legal technologies to see which automated products are in need of an upgrade. After all, overhauling your automation strategy will likely require a technological revamp.

Watch and interact with the webinar, to see what Contract Express can offer your law firm or legal department.

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