Webinar: Time Recording and Billing Masterclass

If you want to grow your legal practice and take on more clients, accurate time recording and billing will help you get there. Our interactive webinar is for Practice Managers, lawyers and solicitors ready to manage the day-to-day more efficiently and secure their practice’s future.

Included are three speakers who share their experiences on Infinitylaw, the Thomson Reuters end to end practice management solution. One guest is Sandra Jeremy, General Manager at Aubrey Brown Lawyers, who chats with Matthew Schultz, Product Manager at Thomson Reuters Asia and Emerging Markets on the program.

Stream the Thomson Reuters webinar for practical ideas on improving time recording and billing in your legal practice.

Webcast preview

The two efficiencies for Practice Managers to master

It is Matthew’s view, that when it comes to running a successful practice, time management and billing are two efficiencies you have to get right. In the webcast, he asked Sandra whether she agreed, and if so, how she has achieved this at Aubrey Brown Lawyers. 

“Yes Matt, I do agree. All of our fee earners time record into Infinity[law], allowing them to track and manage their day, including the ability to have multiple time entries over the one time. Billing is managed at a team level, where the support staff create the bills as the work is completed. These bills have the unbilled disbursements already on the matter,” replied Sandra. 

“The only data entry the support staff are required to do is any anticipated disbursements. Infinity has the ability to automatically specify office expenses. For those teams that do monthly billing, we use the bulk bill facility, and that is a huge time saver.”

Other ways to improve practice management, Matthew suggests, is to cut unnecessary costs, and manage dates and deadlines effectively, all of which can be mastered with the right practice management software.

Get to know time recording and billing efficiently with Infinitylaw, the end to end practice management system, thanks to Sandra and Matthew’s chat in this webinar.

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